Secretary – E.P.


Quite a while ago I wrote about my love of the 2nd record by a band called Summer at Shatter Creek. If you know anything about me by this point, you know that I deeply love music that creates a haunting atmosphere in tandem with poetic words. A deep John Lennon vibe is all over that Summer at Shatter Creek record along with lyrics that resonate deeply. It was somewhat of a surprise to learn that the mastermind behind that project, Craig Gurwich, had relocated to the Seattle region and was launching a new project called Secretary (I just might have one of the 1st Secretary stickers). I was absolutely thrilled when I 1st heard the tracks posted to Secretary’s website a few months ago, and now that I’ve played the physical copy of the EP more than I’ll admit to – the verdict is in. Masterful, genius, classic, gem, tour de force – look up any of these words in a thesaurus and list “Secretary’s debut EP” next to them.

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Summer at Shatter Creek – All the Answers

Part 5 of a series that will run every Friday throughout 2012 as I discuss records that have affected me throughout the years – Flashback Fridays

In the late 90’s the music scene was shifting quickly, and as a wannabe hipster, I made sure to keep up with what was going on (I still do, but in a very geeky way). Having a dial-up connection (switching between Juno or AOL) allowed me the freedom to hop on to Webcrawler and plug-in a band’s name that I had recently heard of. Information still was a bit scarce in those days (hard to believe, really), but each day the “world wide web” seemed to offer more information with richer details.  While looking up information on The Ladybug Transistor (whose album The Albermarle Sound will be featured one day in this column) I stumbled upon a rich history that linked me back to the story of Guppyboy / The Essex Green (and later, Sixth Great Lake). I got in touch with someone by the name of Brad who drummed in ANOTHER associated band called Eef, and have followed his musical adventures ever since at BradleysAlmanac.

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