The Smashing Pumpkins – Oceania

Mark E. Smith of The Fall once had this quote about the ever revolving cast of his band “If it’s me and your grandma on bongos, it’s The Fall.” Throughout history bands have continued on as various members have left (or were fired) until its only the lead singer with basically a new band backing them up. I’ve enjoyed bands that have carried on under these circumstances and was pleasantly surprised when The Smashing Pumpkins reunited in the mid 00’s (minus D’arcy and James Iha). I’m going to be honest – I really enjoyed their 2007 comeback album Zeitgeist almost all the way through. Jimmy Chamberlain anchored down the drums as in the old days, and it was a (mostly) amazing return to glory.

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Radiohead – The Daily Mail / Staircase

Radiohead have always been a bit of a polarizing band in the indie elitist music community. I view them as the music world’s version of Apple Computers – have a bit of an outsider feel to them, absolutely the best at what they do, and really, really successful. As much as I love almost everything Radiohead has released (with the exception of most of Pablo Honey), the reviews ushered forth from other “indie” music websites were so laughable in their utter fan-boy adulation for ANYTHING Radiohead released it honestly made me a bit Radiohead jaded. For all of the praise on Thom Yorke’s lyrics, consider this comparison:

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