Sunstack Jones – Roam


About a year ago, I had the privilege of interacting with Sunstack Jones – an indie band that hail from Northern England (Liverpool and Blackburn). Their 2013 single You Can Help Me Out was one of my anthems for the summer of ’13, its Britpop-ish vibe perfectly aligning with what I was feeling at the time. The band promised a 2nd record coming soon, and we got the 1st taste of the new record in Spring of 2014. Bet I Could offered up a dreamy slice of melancholy that never felt sad. A perfect introduction to the new record, Roam.

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The Cunic Ensemble – The Gram


The Cunic Ensemble came together in 2011 after multi instrumentalist John Clarke had written a batch of songs that had themes in common. Although Clarke had experience in writing and producing instrumental music for films, these songs begged for interaction with other musicians – the birth of The Cunic Ensemble. Among the many contributors are local Mersey singer Ann-Marie Howard and Liverpool actor Paul Duckworth. In all, there are about 16 musicians and singers involved in the project. Don’t mistake eclectic for disjointed – this is an assured debut that delivers the goods.

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