Television Personalities – Beautiful Despair

Unexpectedly, 2018 brings us the wide release of a new Television Personalities album. Something I never expected to happen. TVP’s leader Dan Treacy suffered severe health issues a few years ago that left him debilitated, possibly sidelining any new music permanently. It was a tragic turn of events – the music Mr. Treacy had released since his comeback in the mid 00’s was some of the strongest material in the TVP’s oeuvre. Beautiful Despair features tracks recorded with Jowe Head in the late 80’s. Most of these songs would turn up on other releases, while a few are just seeing the light of day on this album. Not quite a demo tape, but not quite an official album feel to this release. What it does is bring the listener into the creative process, giving you and idea of what works and what doesn’t work. And to be clear – this isn’t a masterpiece. What it is, is an unexpected glimpse into the working relationship Jowe Head and Dan Treacy had. Results will vary for the listener depending on how much of a Television Personalities fan you are, but for me the album is a welcome release.

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Television Personalities – The Painted Word

Part 30 of a series that will run every Friday throughout 2012 as I discuss records that have affected me throughout the years – Flashback Fridays

In the mid 90’s Britpop and all things Anglo were all the rage not only in the UK but also among those hipsters in the know. Sure, most people had heard of Oasis, but bands such as Pulp, Cast, and The Bluetones were hardly household names in the US (Blur WOULD become a household name, but it was with their 1st “post Britpop” album). In the midst of this era of a British invasion (some great bands, some..not so much), reissues of old records by then current Britpop darlings Pulp were being prepared. The early records were decidedly…not Britpop. That didn’t concern me so much and I read the liner notes with a focused intensity. Within those words I picked out a few bands that were loosely connected (either through Fire Records or some other obscure fact). The Blue Aeroplanes and Television Personalities were the most notable.

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