Lee Ranaldo – Between the Times and the Tides

The show Gilmore Girls always frustrated the hell out of me. The mom (played by Lauren Graham) always failed to connect with me – it always looked like she was trying to think of her lines to me. The show itself had a mildly interesting premise and was usually watchable. Coming from the “Grunge Generation” I was very excited when Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, and daughter Coco appeared on a season finale one year to do an acoustic version of a song from the current album at the time Rather Ripped (You are right – Sonic Youth were not grunge – the single “100%” exploded during the era). I liked the performance and the strange idea of No Wave godfathers appearing on a hit show that appeared on the WB network. I was left with a nagging feeling that I’d just rather watch the incredible Sebastian Bach do his thing on the show. A strange feeling. (In the context of Gilmore Girls and music, strange to think of Sebastian Bach as the steady, workmanlike figure and Sonic Youth as the stars. Sebastian has delivered two back to back masterpieces by the way with Angel Down and Kicking & Screaming)

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