The Shins – Port of Morrow

The movie Garden State hit home on several levels. Zach Braff was amazing in the TV show Scrubs but hasn’t always connected with me as a “movie actor” – here he was absolute perfection. His character returns home to New Jersey to deal with the death of a loved one. Having been away on the west coast for years, he struggles to connect with his past while also embracing the future. I’m haunted by this movie every time I visit Philadelphia, PA as for the last 10 years I’ve staked a new life out on the “Western Frontier”.  A key scene in the movie involves Braff and the female lead, Princess Padmé Amidala….I mean, Natalie Portman. Both characters connect in a hospital waiting room while The Shins New Slang” plays on Padmé’s headphones. She states to Braff’s character “You gotta hear this one song — it’ll change your life; I swear.” Curious words for an indie band, but ones that can now be seen as prophetic.

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