The Dead Good – Thirteen Polaroids


When you think of the term “polaroid” it conjures up visions of pictures created with cameras that used instant film (though they existed earlier, they became more popular in the early 70’s with the Polaroid Corporation’s release of Integral Film). A snapshot in time – a memory forever captured with a simple photo.  It is something that has always enchanted me – what was the person thinking when the photo was taken? Did they know the twists and turns that their life would take? One of the minor mysteries of life. The Dead Good (Sonny Lanegan / Isabella Knight)  have just released their debut EP Thirteen Polaroids.  Like the mysterious polaroids of yesteryear, it provides a vivid tapestry of imagery that is compelling.

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White Pulp – Vulgarity is Not a Felony

A band that bears a clear-cut influence from past bands can spark all sorts of silly hipster arguments. Like post punk? Joy Division, The Chameleons, PIL, etc…may be OK to say that you love. Get into the post punk revival scene of the early 00’s though, and it gets a bit murky. Interpol…OK. Editors…maybe? The Killers…lost their hipster status (the awful cover of Joy Division didn’t help their case, it must be said). Where does the originality argument draw the line? Are all singer songwriters straight rip-offs of Bob Dylan (or to be fair, Woody Guthrie)? Why is Bruce Springsteen deemed cool but John Mellencamp isn’t (I love both artists). The answer can be boiled down to a very simple statement – none of it matters. Music is music and you either connect with it or you don’t. Scenes come and go, but if the music has that intangible quality – it’ll outlast all fads.

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Sonny Lanegan – No Questions

I’m going to say something that may not be the most popular thing to say – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack was way too long for me. I loved portions of it (especially the cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song”). But at times I found myself losing interest or reaching for the track forward button. I have enjoyed Trent Reznor’s soundtrack work and think it holds a specific spot in the Nine Inch Nails canon – but compared to Ghosts or The Social Network – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meandered where it should have concluded or ended where I had hoped it would meander. Not a disaster by any means, I just wish it had been cut in half (this all could be due to a short attention span, I admit).

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