The Razor Skyline – Dark Water Oasis


How does one respond to adversity? People like to repeat cliché statements on social media or plaster those statements onto a photograph of a famous person. “Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.” “Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.” The funny thing about cliché statements though – most of them are true. The RaZor Skyline is a band who has persevered through lineup changes to deliver their strongest album, Dark Water Oasis.

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Mishkin Fitzgerald – Present Company


Last years Feast of Hammers album by Birdeatsbaby was an intoxicating blend of goth-chamber-pop that made for an evening of (un) easy listening. The band embarked on a successful tour of the United States, making a pit stop in Seattle where I got to  hang out with the band and enjoyed their explosive live show. A feeble attempt to conduct an interview at the venue turned into an email exchange that shed light on the bands creative process. Mishkin offered up tantalizing hints of a forthcoming solo record which intrigued me. How would Mishkin’s solo work differ from the band setting?

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Birdeatsbaby – Feast of Hammers

I’ve touched upon the years I was in high school in earlier posts (1991 – 1995), but certain other details are worth mentioning. When I initially started high school, kids who had their heads shaved, wore punk rock clothing, and generally strayed from the “norm” were labelled as ‘sub-humans’ (aren’t kids the best). There was no Hot Topic, no commercialization of punk (at least not in the way that would become so prevalent). If I wanted to get really cool (to me, that is) golf pants I had to go to Village Thrift on Broad Street (in Philadelphia). If I wanted a pair of Doc Marten combat boots, my best bet was to go to Zipperheads either in New Hope or on South Street. I kind of straddled the line between looking like everyone else, while sometimes throwing in some punk flair.

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