The Pale Faces – Another Such Strange Bird

the pale faces

One of my best friends (from back east who lived in Portland, OR for a brief spell before moving to NYC) would always preach the gospel of Sleater-Kinney to me while we were still in our formative years (not old & jaded yet). In fact, I even accompanied him to several concerts so that he could stand transfixed for 90 minutes while I tried to think of things to worry about. The truth of the matter is that while I liked Sleater-Kinney, I worshipped at the altar of the harder edged Heavens to Betsy (Sleater-Kinney lead singers 1st band). The pure aggression coming from a female perspective really made an impact with me. No Riot Grrrl band that I read about or bought music by ever matched the way I felt when I 1st listened to Heavens to Betsy. No one, that is, until I heard The Pale Faces (about 20 years after 1st hearing Heavens to Betsy).

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