Martin Rossiter – The Defenestration of St. Martin


It has been said that “beauty in distress is the most affecting beauty”. It has also been said that “the soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone”. Both statements appeal to my inner sense of beauty, though they do not necessarily accurately convey my personal circumstances. Anyone who has met me (online or in person) probably finds out fairly quickly that I love friends & family, coffee, the beach, and music (of course – this is a music site after all). These characteristics all have a way of intermingling in my mind so that a memory of a loved one now gone will have its own soundtrack, a cup of coffee becomes a chance to reminisce about youthful follies, and a walk on the beach becomes enhanced by the Chariots of Fire theme song scored by Vangelis (I’m kidding about that last part. I think. Maybe.). All variations of beauty. The debut album by Martin Rossiter (formerly of Gene) is the most beautiful album I’ve heard since I Am a Bird Now by Antony & the Johnsons.

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