The Phantom Light – Sky Lanterns


“The Phantom Light name originates  from a 1935 film of the same name which follows the disappearance of two lighthouse keepers stationed on the desolate coast of Wales. It’s a haunting early example of the work of the visionary director Michael Powell, and resonated with founder members frontman Anthony Jones and drummer Matty James, who had grown up staring out from the shorelines of Swansea”

The above statement from the bands biography conjures up all sorts of imagery in one’s head. The sea can be a source of solace in times of great stress – it can also play the role of reminding a fragile human of the power of Mother Nature. Remember kids – we can love the ocean, but the ocean doesn’t love us. It just is. The Phantom Light take inspiration from the sea and their surroundings in Wales (that’s the part of the UK that isn’t Scotland, Northern Ireland, or England). The music at time recalls bands from the classic era of the Shoegazing scene (Slowdive, Ride, My Bloody Valentine) whilst also displaying the uncanny ability to provide melodies in abundance. At times throughout this stunning EP I was reminded of early Genesis (Peter Gabriel era) and late 70’s era Magazine. Whatever you want to call this mix of styles, one thing is certain – this is a record that belongs in your collection.

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