23 Albums Touched by the Hand of God in 2012

Nov 18

23 albums touched by the hand of God in 2012 – a non-numbered list of albums that I’ve played over and over that were released in 2012. Some of them were reviewed here on Jason’s Jukebox, some of them weren’t. All of them are worth your time and attention. The last look back at an amazing year of music. I’ll see you later this week with my 1st review of 2013.

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Serj Tankian – Harakiri

“Harakiri: ritual suicide by cutting the abdomen: it is called seppuku by the Japanese, and was practiced by high-ranking Japanese of the military class in lieu of execution or to avoid disgrace”

Good old Serj stays true to himself on his latest solo record – incorporating his metal-ish past with System of a Down into a wholly original cocktail of tunes about the hypocrisies of politicians and the emptiness of reality TV. During their 1st run at serious fame I pretty much ignored System of a Down. Seemed a bit contrived to me, a little too mainstream (yes, I was still fighting my indie hipster tendencies back in the early 00’s). One evening in 2005 I happened to stay up past midnight (WHOA!) and caught Saturday Night Live! The musical performance that evening was by System of a Down playing their new single B.Y.O.B. Old school SOAD fans will despise me for saying this – but I thought the vocal interplay between lead singer Serj Tankian and guitarist Daron Malakian gave the band a far more interesting element and the performance of B.Y.O.B. opened my eyes – changing me into a hardcore fan immediately.

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