Secretary – E.P.


Quite a while ago I wrote about my love of the 2nd record by a band called Summer at Shatter Creek. If you know anything about me by this point, you know that I deeply love music that creates a haunting atmosphere in tandem with poetic words. A deep John Lennon vibe is all over that Summer at Shatter Creek record along with lyrics that resonate deeply. It was somewhat of a surprise to learn that the mastermind behind that project, Craig Gurwich, had relocated to the Seattle region and was launching a new project called Secretary (I just might have one of the 1st Secretary stickers). I was absolutely thrilled when I 1st heard the tracks posted to Secretary’s website a few months ago, and now that I’ve played the physical copy of the EP more than I’ll admit to – the verdict is in. Masterful, genius, classic, gem, tour de force – look up any of these words in a thesaurus and list “Secretary’s debut EP” next to them.

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