Green Day – ¡Uno!

It is almost impossible to objectively review a Green Day record in the year 2012. There are segments of the fan base that have never really forgiven Billie Joe, Mike and Tre for moving on from pop-punk to overblown rock operas (with 2004’s American Idiot and 2009’s 21st Century Breakdown). There’s also a segment of fans that felt like Green Day really hit its stride when they moved on from silly songs about masturbation / drugs and love the political posturing of recent years. The release of not 1, not 2, but 3 records over the next 4 months will prove to be one of the most ambitious projects ever taken on by a mainstream artist (certain indie artists still release 3 or 4 records a year. Really – they do).  Despite any mainstream vs. punk, silly hipster / true punk arguments – I love Green Day.  There, I said it. I’m a huge Green Day fan.

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