Dan Florio – A Day Wiser

The last time Dan Florio released a new album, Washington State was in the midst of a dreary rainy season. Darkness. Cold. Wet. 2014. Here we are in 2018 with Dan’s latest EP and this rainy season has been eating at my soul in a season full of life changes. Changes and routines – the only constants in life.  It was an unexpected note from Mr. Florio himself that alerted me to his new music, and I’ve had this EP on repeat ever since. A Day Wiser finds Dan returning the sparser instrumentation of his debut EP. It is a stark reminder of the strength of his tunes and a welcome return.  He is assisted by John O’Reilly Jr. on drums and percussion along with Caitlin Mahoney on backing vocals on a track.

Coming My Way opens the EP on a strong note – emotive vocals, melodic guitar – no hints of sadness. The feeling of nostalgia is heavy, the longing in Florio’s voice clear. This wouldn’t sound out of place on a release by The Band in the 70’s. Dream of Mine is the track featuring Caitlin Mahoney on backing vocals and is a melancholy acoustic lament. Young Traveler has a bit of a groove to it – the track on the release that has fullest instrumentation. “I worried for no reason at all / but now i’m feeling free”. My favorite song is the last one. White Tailed Hare is an evocative pastoral work out that evokes imagery straight out of Watership Down. “there’s a white-tailed hare with a heart of a bear”. A stunning end to this short but impactful release.

You can pick up the EP here as a “pay what you want” model. It comes highly recommended.

Verdict: Warmth in Winter

For Fans of: Mojave 3, Sixth Great Lake, The Band, Neil Young, Neil Drake


  1. Coming My Way
  2. Dream of Mine
  3. Young Traveler
  4. White Tailed Hare



Sunstack Jones – Roam


About a year ago, I had the privilege of interacting with Sunstack Jones – an indie band that hail from Northern England (Liverpool and Blackburn). Their 2013 single You Can Help Me Out was one of my anthems for the summer of ’13, its Britpop-ish vibe perfectly aligning with what I was feeling at the time. The band promised a 2nd record coming soon, and we got the 1st taste of the new record in Spring of 2014. Bet I Could offered up a dreamy slice of melancholy that never felt sad. A perfect introduction to the new record, Roam.

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Vancouver – July’s Tapes


I’ve been to Vancouver, B.C. about a dozen times over the years (maybe more). People not from the Pacific Northwest may look at the close proximity of Seattle, WA and think “There can’t be that much of a difference.”. They’d be wrong. Dead wrong. Once you cross over the Canadian border, you are left with the distinct feeling of being in a foreign land (I jest, ever so slightly). Gone are US Dollars, replaced with coins called “Loonies” and “Toonies”. There is a suave European flavor in the city that sets Vancouver apart from its other Pacific Northwest cities (other than Victoria, also in B.C.). The band Vancouver isn’t from Canada (though they’ve had this record pressed there). They are, however, a bit different.

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