Paul McCartney – New


The press for Paul McCartney’s 16th album, New, indicates that it is his 1st record of new material (not cover versions) since 2007’s Memory Almost Full. To view that as an accurate accounting would be akin to viewing the past through rose-colored lenses (which I’ve been known to do on occasion). In 2008 Paul McCartney released a gem of an album in collaboration with Youth (Killing Joke) as The Fireman entitled Electric Arguments. Though it was the duo’s third record, it was their 1st with Paul McCartney’s signature vocals. Experimental yet with strong melodies, it was one of my favorite McCartney releases. A few years off followed by a covers collection record had me a little worried that Sir Paul had possibly resigned himself to riding away gently into the sun, a happy life in old age. I needn’t have worried so – 2013 brought strong collaborations with the surviving members of Nirvana as well as dance outfit The Bloody Beetroots. The new full length by Paul McCartney, New, uses some of those experiences and fuses them into a record that sounds current while also nodding towards his time with The Beatles.

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