Hyena Motorcade – Hyena Motorcade


The self titled album. What does it mean? Some bands use it to reset expectations, pointing forward to a new direction. Other bands use it to trim away the excess of the earlier releases, streamlining the sound for a mass audience. What I like about self titled releases from bands like The Beatles and Metallica is that they ended up becoming memorable with the band’s discography (yes, The Beatles before I was born). I’m not 100%  sure what to say about Weezer’s 3 self titled records, but Peter Gabriel’s 4 self titled records are all brilliant in their own unique way. How about if you are a new-ish band on the scene? If you are Hyena Motorcade out of Los Angeles, you offer up an EP that showcases the band’s many strengths.

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White Blush – Without You EP

For every stunning electronic based track featuring haunting and emotional vocals (think of the highlights from Air or Moby) there are an equal amount of tracks that seemed to have good intentions, but wandered off into pure cheese (think of the lowlights from Air or Moby). An artist unfortunately doesn’t always have the ability to judge what follows their own high quality aesthetic. So consider me somewhat jaded when it comes to music trying to tug at my heartstrings, incorporating beats, strings, & other assorted things.

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