Death Threat Cassette – Infinite Trick Pony

I’ve been following England’s Death Threat Cassette for about a decade now. Death Threat Cassette rose from the ashes of Jack Endino produced grunge influenced band Solanoid – singer Lee Pecqueur gone solo. A one-man band, this is truly bedroom rock. And yet – the quality of these Death Threat Cassette albums is nothing to sneer at. The albums still feel imbued to a bit of the Seattle sound whilst adding in elements of country, hip hop, and whatever else comes to mind for Lee. Each album provides an exhilarating listen and demand repeat spins from the listener. After a brief period of inactivity, Death Threat Cassette released their 3rd album, Use Your Delusion in early 2021. The 4th album was just released a few weeks ago – barely a year later. Infinite Trick Pony delivers the goods in spades, with a few unexpected diversions.

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Death Threat Cassette – Lo-Fi or Die

death threat

The pull of the Pacific Northwest can be very strong. I felt it in my teens as the grunge revolution exploded nationwide. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains – all bands that became intertwined with how I presented myself to the world. Lyrics that came from a sense of desolation and pain, making the mystique of the Seattle, WA region even more appealing to me (as it turns out – Aberdeen, WA can also be held responsible for Kurt Cobain‘s lonely words). Even as the public adulation subsided, I could still feel Seattle calling me. I eventually relocated my entire life to the Puget Sound region at the tender age of 24. Lee Pecqueur – who IS Death Threat Cassette – can surely relate to the calling of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

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