Beck – I Just Started Hating Some People Today b/w Blue Randy

Toe Rag Studios in London, England got its start in the early 1990’s and quickly made its name as the go to source for bands / musicians looking to use analog equipment. One of the founders was Liam Watson, a one time member of the ever revolving cast of characters supporting Daniel Treacy in the Television Personalities. Though I have always loved the mid 90’s singles by the TVP’s that were recorded there (gathered on the Fashion Conscious compilation), there was a definite uptick in notoriety with the release of The White Stripes album Elephant which was recorded at Toe Rag / produced by Jack White. Though they are worlds apart musically, that album shared the same qualities as the TVP’s singles recorded at Toe Rag – sparse sounding, instruments with clear separation – allowing the no frills approach to inundate the listener with the feeling that the instruments were in the same room with you while the record played.

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