23 Albums Touched by the Hand of God in 2012

Nov 18

23 albums touched by the hand of God in 2012 – a non-numbered list of albums that I’ve played over and over that were released in 2012. Some of them were reviewed here on Jason’s Jukebox, some of them weren’t. All of them are worth your time and attention. The last look back at an amazing year of music. I’ll see you later this week with my 1st review of 2013.

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Grimes at Music Hall of Williamsburg – 10/25/2012

Guest post from Ed Wheeler, New York City resident and life long music fan.

The thing about seeing an electronic music act live is that the expectation for the music to sound the same as the record. I used to pull this (admittedly lame) joke over instant messenger that went like this: “OMG Daft Punk got all their touring gear stolen!” and then link to a picture of a CD. I saw Purity Ring earlier in the year, and while it was still a great show (supporting an even stronger album, one of my top 3 released this year), there was little to no variation between how the group sounded live and how they sound on record. Grimes does not have that problem.
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Grimes – Visions

In the mid to late 90’s the internet as a tool for the general public was still in its infancy – AOL, Compuserve, and Juno were the main providers (unfortunately for Juno they are / were neither the great movie nor the great Seattle emo-core band...nope. Just another dial-up service).  I loved the feeling of logging on to the internet and using the extremely fast (I jest, I jest) speeds of dial-up. My main intent was always to find rare music and / or imports that I couldn’t find at my beloved Princeton Record Exchange (surprise, surprise). Around this time there was also a darker subtext of…the internet as an evil entity. I will forever make fun of the Sandra Bullock movie The Net for its oft-repeated line “…but I’m Angela Bennet. I AM ANGELA BENNET”. 17 years on, the joke will still bring a smile to my face (though I may be the only one). The internet in those days was somewhat like the wild west – new things popping up all the time, commerce, news, a place for geeks to unite (and as someone who had to drive past the CD NOW HQ fairly often, still makes me smile that you couldn’t read their CD NOW sign from the Pennsylvania Turnpike because of an unfortunate choice of fonts)

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