Birdeatsbaby – Feast of Hammers

I’ve touched upon the years I was in high school in earlier posts (1991 – 1995), but certain other details are worth mentioning. When I initially started high school, kids who had their heads shaved, wore punk rock clothing, and generally strayed from the “norm” were labelled as ‘sub-humans’ (aren’t kids the best). There was no Hot Topic, no commercialization of punk (at least not in the way that would become so prevalent). If I wanted to get really cool (to me, that is) golf pants I had to go to Village Thrift on Broad Street (in Philadelphia). If I wanted a pair of Doc Marten combat boots, my best bet was to go to Zipperheads either in New Hope or on South Street. I kind of straddled the line between looking like everyone else, while sometimes throwing in some punk flair.

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