Bel Argosy – Let’s Hear It For Bel Argosy


In my early years of driving, I’d roam the streets of suburban Philadelphia with my favorite cassette tapes blasting as loud as possible. I wasn’t a very good driver, but I felt like the King of the World (say it in Leo’s voice) when my music was playing. At some point I went slightly more HI-FI and began to play my CD’s (compact discs) through the cassette deck by way of a Sony Discman. It seemed that the golden age of cassettes had run its course. Or so I thought. Recently cassette tapes have begun to make a comeback, even scoring their equivalent of Record Store Day with Cassette Store Day. If you’ve ever made a girl (or boy) a mix tape, you know the feelings of nostalgia that a cassette tape can evoke. Bel Argosy hail from Brooklyn, NY and recently released their stunning debut EP on cassette tape (and as a free download).

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