Cable35 – Fungus

Fungus Artwork

When we last heard from Cable35 they had just released their debut album, Louder, and were based out of Malta (for those who don’t know, Malta is an island nation in the Mediterranean and is also one of the most densely populated nations in the world). My what a difference a year or so makes. A year ago I was celebrating my 6th annual 29th birthday and now my 7th annual is fast approaching. For Cable35, they have a slightly less geeky perspective – they relocated to Sheffield, England to bring their sound to the masses (or at least – people hip to the music). The band still consists of Jeff on guitar / vox, Kriz on bass / vox, and Chris on drums. The upcoming EP by the band is called Fungus and it expands on the sounds of the debut whilst also offering up a looser vibe.

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Alice in Chains – Dirt

Part 24 of a series that will run every Friday throughout 2012 as I discuss records that have affected me throughout the years – Flashback Fridays

It seems like most of the demonic VS. non demonic music debates have somewhat died down in recent years. In the early 90’s the tales of Ozzy Osbourne, KISS (Knights in Satan’s Service), WASP (We Are Satan’s People), and others had classic stories (some of them tall tales to be sure) going around about them. Did you hear about the kid who played a KISS record that he bought at a thrift store? It turns out his head spun around 3 times while the record was playing and someone was chanting “drink coffee” faintly in a demonic voice.

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