Moon Under Water – First Quarter

I’ve been living with Moon Under Water’s debut EP for so long that they’ve just released the follow up – before I’d had the chance to post this long-promised review. Moon Under Water describe themselves as “..a meeting of musical minds from Leicester, Liverpool, and Basildon (England). A post-punk core but pressing beyond that….” As a longtime fan of bands such as The Chameleons, The Sound, and Joy Division, the blurb caught my eye. Fortunately, the music more than lives up to the band’s own description. The band is comprised of Audrey Eade on vocals, Elliot Wheeler on guitars, Robert Eade on bass & keyboards, and Adrian Janes on drums / percussion. My first thought was that the songs reminded me of the more ethereal qualities of the Cocteau Twins with a healthy dash of guitar work reminiscent of The Chameleons. High praise indeed, and yet that opinion has only solidified with additional spins.

Golden Age kicks the proceedings off with a bit of jangle pop, a bit of C-86 vibes coming through strong. The lyrics are suitably cast in shades of regret, a perfect introduction to the band. Nostalgia for Now is even stronger than the opener, a post-punk inspired masterpiece. Sighing vocals, shimmering guitar work – everything you’d want in a post-punk song. Lyrically, this is inspiring stuff – about days gone by. “Wanting to free an instant / And keep its warmth somehow / It’s melting away.” Take Your Burden lightens the atmosphere after the 1-2 punch of the openers. A dreamy song that soothes musically and lyrically. EP closing number Reflective reminds me of View From a Hill by The Chameleons – in a positive way. A slower anthem that burns brightly. Beautifully layered guitar interplay makes for an enchanting listening experience. A perfect way to end this debut EP.

The EP is available right now via Bandcamp. I’m looking forward to spending time with the just released follow up – this is a band to start following.

Verdict: Promising debut

For fans of: The Chameleons, The Sound, Cocteau Twins, BMX Bandits,


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