Weezer – Van Weezer


The 2nd Weezer album of 2021 was recorded before the 1st (the stellar OK Human) but is stylistically different in every way. That’s not to say it isn’t without charm. The backstory for Van Weezer is that Weezer finally lets their (heavy metal) hair down. It’s a gimmick to be sure, but it mostly works. If you jumped off the Weezer train 20 years ago there is nothing on this album that will change your mind. For the Weezer faithful, it is a good album but may come as a slight letdown after the masterful album released just a few months ago. As for me, I’m “Weezer, ride or die” – for better or worse. Van Weezer is worth your time and energy and is a worthy addition to the Weezer canon. It bears almost no relation to Van Halen, but the album is dedicated to Eddie Van Halen’s memory. Probably all great material for the indie snobs pining for 1996.

The End of the Game is the 1st single to be released from the album – way back in September of 2019. It is a by the numbers Weezer radio song with added riffage that kind of – but not completely – adds a metal vibe to the song. All the Good Ones is classic Weezer – it sounds like 90’s era Weezer. Alternative grunge. Not very metal, but a very catchy sing along song. Hero has one of the strongest choruses of Weezer’s career and is the only song from this record that was a part of the Weezer OK Human livestream concert. The album version is a rocker but it has also been released in a piano version. I love this song. “Well, everybody needs a hero, but I’m not everybody else / I walk alone, yeah, I walk alone, yeah, I walk alone, yeah”. Beginning of the End is Weezer’s contribution to Bill & Ted Face the Music. It is catchy and slightly heavier than they usually are (maybe?). But it does feature the line “In heavy metal we trust” which ties into the theme. 1 More Hit is the most original heavy metal song here featuring some double entendre lyrics that could be construed as drug use or pleading for a radio hit. Either way, I wish there were more songs on this album that had these riffs. It’s a great song. Precious Metal Girl is a ballad to close out the album and it is simply gorgeous. “You’re my precious metal girl / My best friend in the world / Look like you could’ve been in Faster Pussycat / In your leather jacket / With the patches on the back”.

I’d recommend this album for Weezer fans – for the uninitiated or for those who still pine for the 90’s era, there’s probably not much here to change your mind. I think this is the last Weezer album of 2021, so it’ll get repeated plays from me as all Weezer albums do.

Verdict: Pour Some Weezer On Me

For Fans of: Weezer


  1. The End of the Game
  2. All the Good Ones
  3. Hero
  4. I Need Some of That
  5. Beginning of the End
  6. Blue Dream
  7. 1 More Hit
  8. Sheila Can Do It
  9. She Needs Me
  10. Precious Metal Girl

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