Nutopians – Civilisation

Ian and Phil Jackson are the father / son duo that ARE the post punk band Nutopians. Not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves, they’ve become one of my go to bands over the last few years. Indebted to The Chameleons (that’s The Chameleons UK to us in the US), Echo & the Bunnymen, and the Buzzcocks (among others), the band has a way of writing post punk gems for the modern era. Over the last few releases, Ian’s vocals have become more confident, Phil’s instrumentation more articulate. The band’s latest full length – their 3rd – is their strongest offering to date. Indeed, Civilisation is an early contender for album of the year.

No More Blood kicks things off in high gear – a statement of intent, a melodic plea for peace. The chorus – “No more blood / no more tears to cry” will get lodged in your head and you’ll be singing along in no time. Eat yer heart out, Bono. Welcome to Berlin is history set to music, an appealing offering to these ears. The song works February 25, 1945 into the song – an important date in WWII history, the date U.S. troops crossed The Rur in Germany. The song is an emotive post punk masterpiece, ending in a crescendo of white noise. Cataclysm is a gloomy instrumental that evokes an emotional response from the listener. Everything Means Nothing is my favorite song on the record – there is a slight surf vibe in the guitar lines, an emotion in the vocals that is truly affecting. And I quite like the thought of the song title – a bit of existentialism for the win. The Cost of Life closes the record on a downbeat – yet, strangely uplifting – note. A perfect album closer.

You can pick up the album here. An absolute classic, it belongs in your collection.

Verdict: A Welcome Return

For Fans of: The Cure, Joy Division, The Chameleons, Echo & the Bunnymen


  1. No More Blood
  2. Senses Default
  3. Embryo
  4. Welcome to Berlin
  5. If Tomorrow Never Comes
  6. Cataclysm
  7. Civilisation
  8. Sometimes All The Time
  9. Everything Means Nothing
  10. Searching For Celestia
  11. The Cost Of Life


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