Curry Quiche – Behind the Machine

The return of England’s Curry Quiche comes in the wake of Brexit and the aftermath of the US presidential election. The world has seemingly shifted to the political right and the band takes its cue from the shifting nature of the world. 2013’s full length 1 Seed, No Leeches focused on technology and how human connections were being lost. An intriguing concept that has only deepened with the passage of time. A record that was a joy to listen to, it took its darker subject matter and spun it into a carefree party vibe for the end of the world. Steve Fidler and company gave us a winning formula that seemed designed for the masses. Reggae, punk, britpop, indie – it all made for an intoxicating brew. What will the band offer up on their latest?

Behind the Machine is a much harder edged album. The punk styled edges of yesteryear come to the fore here, at times awash in white noise. That isn’t to say the album is a full on aural assault – melody is in abundance throughout, making for the odd juxtaposition of an anthem for the end of the world type vibe. Still evolving or grand statement of intent? I guess the answer is in the ears of the beholder. Personally, I think this is the best work the band has produced to date.

Lost gets the album started off on an aggressive note. Johnny Rotten type vocals from Steve Fidler in tandem with a repetitive and catchy guitar lick. Perfection. Barry Was A Raver is the single and takes us down a progressive path. Call and response guitars & synths lead into an aggressive Britpop anthem. Under The Conservative Crush wears its politics on its sleeve and is a muscular jam. Son Of God is a catchy tune that starts out acoustically before raving up into a Super Furry Animals inspired workout. I Should Meditate is probably my favorite song on the record – reggae riddims and the recurring refrain “I close my eyes / but I can’t sleep at night”. Synth washes fill the mix, creating an unforgettable experience.

You can pick up the album at all digital retailers. You can also check out the band on the social network. I am looking forward to what comes next from Curry Quiche.

Verdict: Rave On

For Fans of: The Clash, Blur, Sex Pistols, Space


  1. Lost
  2. Barry Was A Raver
  3. Orramarite
  4. Under The Conservative Crush
  5. No Career In North Career
  6. A Crypt For The Script
  7. Son Of God
  8. Positive Vibes
  9. Oxygen Thief
  10. I Should Mediate
  11. Nostalgic Sunset

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