Sonny Lanegan – Coma


I’ve long been a fan of the work of Sonny Lanegan, based out of Los Angeles, CA. From solo instrumental soundscapes to industrial noise with his various groups, there has always been a melodic hook to pull me in. Sonny’s new solo EP Coma arrives almost 3 years after his collaborative effort with Isabella Knight in The Dead Good. That EP was a high point in Lanegan’s career – one that continues with Coma. Excess in rock n roll is nothing new – finding new ways of expressing decadence is a true talent these days. Songs about mind altering substances, carnal delights, and embracing seediness hasn’t sounded this good since Soft Cell’s Non Stop Erotic Cabaret. Decadence, for those of you who need clarification, is “moral or cultural decline as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury.” While also the title of one of my favorite Pet Shop Boys songs, it also perfectly describes Sonny’s new EP.

The EP starts off with the subtlety titled And No One Ever Gave A Fuck. Buzzsaw guitars and NIN styled vocals rage in the foreground while the melodic instrumentation bubbles below the surface. An excellent opening track. Down and Dirty continues the vibe set with the opener – maybe even ups the ante a bit. A slinky groove with sound clip is the 1st thing we hear before exploding into a pop tinted industrial masterpiece. The song explodes around the 1 minute mark – an anthem that should be played on modern rock radio. I particularly liked the way Sonny sounds evil and enticing when he sings “Your fear when losing control”. The passion that went into this track shines through. Foreplay is the highlight of the record for me. Insistent electro beat, distorted vocals, sound f/x, melodies – it has it all in spades. I initially thought this was an homage to Golf, but it seems that the song is an ode to the activities leading up to love-making (guys, if you aren’t doing this – you are doing it wrong). Lyrical and vocal highlight for me comes towards the end of the song when Sonny screams “What I see, I cannot feel”. Pet Shop Boys meets Nine Inch Nails? Or how about PSB remixing Bowie, remixed by NIN? Perfect.

You can buy the EP here. On The Social Network, you can find Sonny here. A welcome return from Sonny Lanegan after an almost 3 year absence, this EP will surely get repeated plays from me throughout the year. You’re gonna love it – I guarantee it.

Verdict: A Charming Ode to a Spindle In Venus’s Honeypot & Other Decadent Pastimes

For Fans of:  Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Pet Shop Boys, The Kills, Soft Cell


  1. And No One Ever Gave A Fuck
  2. Down And Dirty
  3. Loaded And Crooked
  4. Love With Never Die If You Spice It Up With Narcotics
  5. Foreplay
  6. What If

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