Nutopians – Time


Nutopians are a duo consisting of Ian & Phil Jackson. Ian sings and plays guitars whilst Phil also plays guitar and adds some backing vox. A father / son duo that offers up tunes that engage on a visceral level. I can’t think of any other father / son duos – not sure that Peter Hook’s son playing in his band counts? At any rate, the latest EP from the Nutopians offers up a blend of post-punk and power pop indie that is infectious. Time is the band’s 2nd EP and shows the band improving on their debut in every facet.

The EP opens with a track called Time that is heavily indebted to the legendary Manchester band, The Chameleons. It just might be my favorite song on the record. Positively melodic post-punk guitars imbue the song with a sense of melancholy & hope which works in tandem with Ian’s wistful lyric about the passage of time. The fleeting nature of time is something that has transfixed punks & poets throughout history, and Jackson is no different. A masterful way to open the EP. The coda to the song brings a slight Pulp influence to the forefront. The Secret is espouses the Law of Attraction which is something I can relate to. The mind has a way of working in a positive or negative manner, and I firmly believe the only option is positivity. Jackson’s recurring motif “can you believe it” rings true throughout the song. This song is firmly in the power pop vein and is all the stronger for it. Someday toes the line between ballad and post punk lamentations. The guitar work is subtle but memorable, while the lyrics again express regret for things never said. Out of Touch serves as an encapsulation of what the Nutopians excel at. The tune starts out as ballad with post-punk flourishes, but quickly segues into a power pop emotional outpouring. A perfect way to end the record.

You can find the Nutopians on the “world wide web” here and on The Social Network here. The duo is recording their full length record and based on what I’ve heard, the world should expect a stunning debut. Highly recommended.

Verdict: Don’t Let This Pass You By

For Fans of: The Chameleons, The Sound, The Psychedelic Furs, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Cure


  1. Time
  2. The Secret
  3. Someday
  4. Out of Touch

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