The Cornelius Crane – Soul in the Lightning

Soul in the Lightning

The Cornelius Crane – Manchester, England’s answer to American alt-country – have released over an album’s worth of quality material over the last 2 years or so. Instead of delivering 12 songs on the traditional long player, the band have delivered 3 songs here, 4 songs there. I think this approach has worked out well for the band – quality song after quality song, with a 6 to 9 month wait for a new batch instead of the traditional 18 months to 2 years wait between full length albums. Steve, Dan, Mark, & friends have never even delivered a mediocre song, so it is no surprise that the new EP Soul in the Lightning is a bona fide masterpiece.

The title track leads off the 3 song EP and its a beauty – 3:22 of perfection. Congo type drums compliment the guitar picking and soulful vocals. The harmonies are just the icing on the cake, you’ll be singing along in no time. A View From Victoria feels indebted to The Grateful Dead. Meandering instrumentation for the 1st 45 seconds or so, creating a hazy atmosphere. When vocals do enter the mix, they are slightly distorted and off kilter. A brooding track, the wordless sighs and yelps are deeply affecting. There’s a nice guitar breakdown towards the end of the song that adds a nice flourish. Another Day closes the EP in stunning fashion. This is the type of song that The Cornelius Crane do so well – alt-country with impeccable melodies. Very strong chorus that is reminiscent of those lads from Liverpool, The Beatles. Everything works perfectly on this track – haunting guitar licks, emotive vocals, rhythm section perfectly in sync.

The Cornelius Crane are slowly but surely building a name for themselves worldwide. The band’s sound encompasses a few genre tags that have been invented in the last 20 years or so, but really – The Cornelius Crane sound like they are peers of The Band, The Grateful Dead, and perhaps Ryan Adams. This latest EP is out on Stereokill Recordings, and is available from all major digital retailers. Once upon a time if you looked up The Cornelius Crane on the “world wide web” you’d find that it was the birth name given to Chevy Chase. That’s still true, but now you’ll start to find references to a great band out of Manchester, England. The Cornelius Crane – check them out.

Verdict: Bottled Lightning

For Fans of: The Grateful Dead, The Band, The Sixth Great Lake, Honeychurch, Ryan Adams, Mojave 3


  1. Soul in the Lightning
  2. A View From Victoria
  3. Another Day

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