Nothing – Guilty Of Everything


The ghosts of our past can be ignored, viewed through rose-colored lenses, or confronted head on. Philadelphia based Nothing were founded by Dominic Palermo in 2011 shortly after he spent time in lock up on a few charges relating to a fight. Singer for a hardcore band (Horror Show), jail, a few years away from music – not the ideal career path for a musician trying to break on through (to the other side). Strangely enough, turning an introspective eye to the past has lent Palermo’s music a depth that can only come about by tackling the issues head on. Fortunately for us, we are left with what should be a contender for one of the finest albums of 2014.

The sound of the record nods towards the late 80’s / early 90’s shoegaze scene of the UK. That general description can encompass a whole slew of bands and sounds, so I’ll narrow it down to Slowdive’s mid period. Not a direct homage or aping of that sound though – there is a 90’s Alternative Rock (remember that?) vibe on almost all the songs. View that as a positive as well, I’m not talking about the carbon copy Grunge bands that started showing up on MTV in the mid 90’s – I’m talking about early records by The Smashing Pumpkins, late period Hum, and Dig. All great bands, and Nothing takes those influences and spits them out into a melodic, enticing brew. Highlights are tracks 1 through 9, but I’ll point out a few songs that I really love.

In divinity there’s ecstasy (highlights) 

Opener Hymn To The Pillory is the song that most reminds me of Slowdive – whispered vocals, the music is ethereal before aggression kicks in after a couple of minutes. It’s timeless qualities are repeated  in Dig which is edgier, with a healthy dose of melody. The vocals remind me of hybrid of Neil Halstead and James Iha. There is a dreamy quality to the vocals, which stands in nice contrast to the relatively straightforward aural assault. Heavy stuff, confirmed with a cursory glance at the lyrics “Scratched your name into me / So I cannot not forget”. Brilliant. Towards the latter half of the album I loved Somersault which has an epic feel, washed out leading guitars, and a haunting atmosphere. “Outside the door / the worlds alive / I’ll stay and hide on the otherside”. I’ve felt like that sometimes, now I have a soundtrack for those feelings. Get Well had my toes tapping, one of those songs that gets into a rhythm immediately and never lets up. Repetitive guitar refrain front and center, with a chorus that is on the right side of evil. “There’s gotta be a way / to escape the rain / But I can’t find it”. The title track closes out the record in stunning fashion – mellow, melodic, aggressive – everything the band does well is on display here. What a record!

An album that will surely be on repeat throughout the year, this is a must have. You can check out the album and buy it via the band’s Bandcamp site.

Verdict: Guilty of Brilliance

For Fans of: Slowdive, The Smashing Pumpkins, Dig, Hum, My Bloody Valentine


  1. Hymn To The Pillory
  2. Dig
  3. Bent Nail
  4. Endlessly
  5. Somersault
  6. Get Well
  7. Beat Around The Bush
  8. B&E
  9. Guilty Of Everything

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