The Weepikes / we are weepikes


The Weepikes came to life in the late 90’s in Helsinki, Finland playing a unique form of music that has become known as pronk (progressive / punk). The band was active for 3 years or so and called it quits at the 10th Anniversary party for record label Bad Vagum. A handful of well received releases, and on with life. Or so it seemed. In late 2010 the band received an email from Kramer (famous producer of Galaxie 500, not Jerry Seinfeld’s odd friend) indicating that he loved the early EP’s and would be interested in working with them. The band regrouped and recorded / released a Kramer produced self titled EP in 2012. we are weepikes is the sophomore release from The Weepikes Mach II, and it is an impressive mini LP that delivers noise & beauty in equal measures. 

paranoid kicks off the record on a high note – Pasi Peni’s vocals are front and center and aren’t of the traditional melodic variety. Don’t let that scare you off, the song adds layers of instrumentation of the post-rock variety before exploding in a catharsis of noise a la the instrumental breakdown in Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. nothing but a roar proves that the opener was no fluke – a post punk gem of a song. I liked this line “you hit undo / when you end up to the dark side / my side”. bad valentine is available as a free download and is the 1st single from the record. It encapsulates everything that I love about the band – abrasive, melodic, beauty, noise. we are the weepikes is apparently the band’s theme song and shows just a hint of twee. A fun way to end the album proper. There are two remixes after the 6 original cuts and both lend an atmosphere to the package. At 6 songs + 2 remixes, I’d call this a mini LP or fully loaded EP – either way, it is a special release from The Weepikes.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I highly recommend this release. You can pick it up via the band’s Bandcamp site for €5 EUR or more. Finnish post-punk progressive folk? Something like that. Check it out.

Verdict: Finland’s Finest

For Fans of: Mclusky, The Fall, Pärson Sound, Hawkwind, Fugazi, Van der Graaf Generator, Galaxie 500


  1. paranoid
  2. nothing but a soar
  3. bad valentine
  4. falling off the carpet
  5. flatliner
  6. we are weepikes
  7. falling off the remix (k-x-p vs. weepikes)
  8. why am i paranoid (ovitoremix)

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