Sunstack Jones – You Can Help Me Out b/w Sunday Comedown


Sunstack Jones hail from “North of England” (members live in Liverpool & Blackburn) and say that they are composed of “always two, sometimes three but mostly four or maybe five musicians”. That includes Lorcan Moriarty on guitars (formerly of NME darlings Maupa) and Chris Jones on vocals. This 2 song single is my vote for 2013’s summertime anthem. Though the band’s name conjures up visions of an obscure Motown cool cat the tunes bring to mind pop driven Americana played to perfection. The A side is the track begging for radio play whilst the B side offers up a slice of melancholy to give you a break from singing at the top of your lungs. Both tracks are simply perfect and have me really looking forward to the bands forthcoming full length (their 2nd).

feels like you’ll never be the same again…

You Can Help Me Out – insistent guitar refrain with dreamy type vocals, reminds me a bit of something that might have come out during the peak of the Britpop era. The full band kicks in with a more sinister riff entering the mix at about the minute and a half mark which elevates the track to perfection. At about the 3 minute mark the track enters a brilliant coda of sound f/x, melody, and an emotional catharsis. I’ll be playing this tune quite a bit this summer.

Sunday Comedown – not a cover of the song that Johnny Cash made famous (that’s Sunday Morning Coming Down) but it is great in its own right. An acoustic based track that features a very different vibe than the flip side. Horns in the mix add a nice layer to the overall sound of the track.

Though the vinyl version of the single is sold out you can pick up the digital single for $2 on Itunes or in the subterranean jungle of Amazon. Pure musical delight instead of that slice of pizza? Go for it. You should also check out the band’s Facebook as well as their website. 

Verdict: Summertime Anthem

For Fans of: Grandaddy, The Cornelius Crane, Mojave 3, Neil Young, The Essex Green

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