Zephyr Reign – Tempus Fugit


“Zephyr Reign are a 5 piece Alternative/Rock band from South Wales.

With a list of musical tastes and backgrounds ranging from indie to rock to good old fashion rock n roll the band Zephyr Reign show no limitations with their writing ability and style. With music influenced by bands such as The Who, Oasis, The Clash and The Manic Street Preachers (to name a few) the band mixes alternative rock and classic rock together. The vocals are a mixture of modern and older (Sing your head off ) lyrics that have a definite touch with the real people of today. The band features Geraint Roberts – Vocals/Guitar, Matthew Griffiths – Guitar, Neil Rossiter – Guitar, Gareth Davies – Bass, and Barrie Davies – Drums.”

This was my first introduction to the band Zephyr Reign, via the band’s ReverbNation website. The influences appealed to me as well as the way the music was described (mostly The Clash and Oasis bits, though I like the other bands too) . It didn’t quite prepare me for the sonic assault that simultaneously reminded me of the shoegaze AND britpop eras (think Oasis with hints of My Bloody Valentine). The album title – Tempus Fugit – is a Latin expression meaning “time flees”, more commonly translated as “time flies”. It is often used as an inscription on clocks. This ties into the songs lyrics which display an overall positive vibe and promote belief in oneself. Never preachy, the words jive perfectly with the soaring Britpop anthems. The band formed in 2010 and a few years later they’ve given us a rewarding debut album.

you’ve gotta push yourself (album highlights)

Swirling synths and a melodic guitar lick open the album via Cast the World Away. The song progresses into an agreeable Britpop influenced jam (but with those un-Britpop like synths always in the mix). Fight Till You Shine has a heavy drum sound a repeated guitar line that reminds me of those early 90’s dance / rock bands (The Farm, Primal Scream, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin). Key lyrics: “Look to the future / hold your head up high”. You Know It’s Right is an all out rocker that features emotional singing that is sometimes double tracked. It wouldn’t have sounded out-of-place if it was released at the height of the Britpop era, but it resonates just as much in 2013 “I wanna be / someone / I wanna do / something”. True Star is one of the singles from the album and is situated…last. A curious choice but it is a very strong way to end the record. The vocals recall the great Ian Brown during the intro as guitars swirl in the background for the 1st minute. The band kicks it into high gear leading up to an epic jam over the last-minute or so of the 5 minute song. The song fades out on a euphoric high of guitar solos and white noise.

Without a doubt this is a record that warrants repeat plays. At under $10 on Itunes it is a bargain. Non album single “Waiting for a Lifetime” also bears mention – it consolidates the bands strengths into one stunning song. The band can be found on Facebook as well as ReverbNation. Check them out today and support true indie music.

Verdict: Welsh-pop

For Fans of: Oasis, Super Furry Animals, Slowdive, Ocean Colour Scene, Blur


  1. Cast the World Away
  2. Dreaming Feeling
  3. Fight Till You Shine
  4. Follow Me
  5. Backs Against the Wall
  6. Precious Time
  7. It’s Alright By Me
  8. You Know Its Right
  9. Superstar Rock n Roll Ah Ha
  10. True Star

One thought on “Zephyr Reign – Tempus Fugit

  1. Jason. You certainly know your onions!! Brilliant band; Brilliant debut album and a deserved mention of Waiting For A Lifetime. Seen them live 3 times and going again on Saturday. With a little luck ZR should be on the next tier very soon.

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