White Blush – Without You EP

For every stunning electronic based track featuring haunting and emotional vocals (think of the highlights from Air or Moby) there are an equal amount of tracks that seemed to have good intentions, but wandered off into pure cheese (think of the lowlights from Air or Moby). An artist unfortunately doesn’t always have the ability to judge what follows their own high quality aesthetic. So consider me somewhat jaded when it comes to music trying to tug at my heartstrings, incorporating beats, strings, & other assorted things.

That’s where Los Angeles, CA based artist White Blush comes in. The project is the brainchild of Carol Rhyu, a Chicago native who moved to LA to study film production at the American Film Institute. I’m not sure where she is in her film studies, but it has to be said – her 3 song EP would perfectly soundtrack an artsy movie (in her bio she describes herself as loving Japanese horror – it could soundtrack that genre perfectly as well). An EP laced with nuance and emotion – a stunning debut.

The Tunes:

Without You starts out with an eerie piano refrain before Carol’s vocals come in full of emotion. A simple beat begins, harkening back to the 80’s just a bit. The focus throughout the song is on the sinister piano and the incredible vocals (dare I say, there is a Halloween music vibe about this track). A perfect mix of atmosphere and execution. Key lyrics:

So I keep you very close to me
Whenever you feel like,
I let you scream
Whenever you feel like,
I let you, I let you

But there’s nowhere without you
There’s nowhere without you
Without you, without you

808 Myst is in Carol’s words “Inspired by the old video game Myst and brought to you by my MC Roland 808 drum machine when I was visiting my mom one very cold Chicago winter…”. I’d also add to her words – evocative, haunting, and absolute perfection. Picture yourself walking in Chicago on a winter’s night (if you haven’t done this, I suggest you buy a plane ticket. You’ll find me at the original Pizzeria Uno on Ohio St. once in a while). This track perfectly transports the listener to that cold winters night. Lovely.

Wait ghostly vocals with a shoegazer-ish instrumental vibe to start the proceedings, reminding me of the great band Lush. Another track with a sinister vibe, this time with a slower pace. Carol’s vocals are simply stunning (once again). Key lyrics:

It’s like coming home
Coming home, it’s like coming home
So I wait
Wait, wait
Wait, wait
I just want to show you
It’s not in vain
It’s not in vain
So I wait, wait

Verdict: It’s OK to Blush

For Fans of: Portishead, Air, Lush, Mono, Moby

I highly recommend you check this up and coming artist out. Even better – she has posted the EP online as a free download here

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